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I don't throw the the word masterpiece around but to me, this is one.
Kilian, the batch you made me (received 5/13/2021) is perrrrfect.
Better than my sample. More ozone and sun tan lotion with a little less pineapple.
In the beach fragrance genre I own Virgin Island Water, MMM Beach Walk, Penhaligon's Blasted Heath, James Heeley Sel Marin, and many others. This is better than all of those.
If you're for a photo realistic interpretation of what a swimming pool smells like in a luxury hotel, while wearing 1000 dollar sunscreen, and sipping on a drink.... You've found it.
P.S. Kilian, Please notify me if stock starts running low as I need to pick up a backup bottle of this.

Love this!

Love this! Starts off with a plastic smell but quickly turns into the low octane gas and leather with a touch of motor oil . Super sexy! I could wear this everyday, all day long! Buying a backup bottle or two


I love this fragrance and I will always love my AALIYAH. MISS YOU GIRL


Would give this five stars but I think my view of how this smells has been tainted a little now by both my mom thinking it smells bad and someone saying they thought it smelled like mosquito repellant.. :/ But before any of those people's thoughts affected me, I swear as soon as I sprayed this on the card it came with I immediately smelt the water smell from the water rides at Disneyland and other parks and was like "oh my god, it does smell like it". And still when I smell it, I do think it really smells like the water scent on those rides. Specifically it makes me think of Pirates of the Caribbean the most (which is what I was looking for!), like right when you get in your boat and smell that strong water scent cause your boat is soaked from the last people who rode the ride. I could almost imagine I'm there on the ride with that distinct water smell of the Disney water rides. Like just watch a ride video of it or a video of Pirates the Caribbean queue ambience while smelling this and it'd probably make me feel like I'm there lol or get me excited to go to Disneyland again and ride it. ☺️
And when I go again and go on those rides, I'll have to really compare their water scent to the smell of this fragrance. Since I'm of course going off of memory of the smell all the times I've been on those rides. My mom acts like it smells really bad but it's weird, because she loves the Pirates ride and to me it does smell very similar to the water on that ride. She thinks people would be grossed out if I sprayed it on myself and went out somewhere, but I probably would not ever wear this out...I got it mostly to just have something that smells like the water ride smell. As something cool to have. I think she doesn't understand the concept that it's just supposed to smell like the ride. I wasn't planning on spraying it all over me even if it's perfume. And if you do spray any on yourself, you shouldn't spray too much because it is a very strong scent. And I think that's why some people think it smells bad cause that scent is so concentrated here. As soon as I open the bottle now, the scent hits my nose so fast. I saw someone's review before grossed out saying they didn't want to smell like chlorine.. well if it smells like that to you, it's doing its job. Lol It's supposed to smell like the water on those rides. Guess they didn't know it's supposed to smell like that, even though they say it's actually bromine they use in the water, not chlorine. With this fragrance, people will either kind of like it like me because it smells like the water rides to us and that's what we got it for, or they'll hate it and think it smells awful thinking it smells like something else. I guess it depends on the person.. ? The scent is so strong at first though that when you do spray it on something you should rub it in some and after a few minutes it won't be as strong smelling. I think people are grossed out mostly by the initial scent when you spray it, how strong it is. It smells good when you spray it on the card they give you, on the "spray me" spot and it fades some. Then it might make you think more of the water smell when it's not as strong as it is at first, where someone could be thinking it smells like insect repellant.. that's just my opinion at least. I also do like it combined with Cosmic Woods too. It smells good even though it's hard to say what that combination makes me think of. Overall I think this smells probably as close as you could get to smelling like the water scent, unless I find something that I think smells more like it. But to me it does smell a lot like it, like if you just scooped up some of the water from the ride and took it home. So I like it because it reminds me a lot of Pirates of the Caribbean and a little Splash Mountain, even though it's disappointing when my mom smells it that she doesn't like it. I've been looking for a long time for something that smells like the water scent from those rides and I haven't been able to find anything until now. To me it's like I have a piece of the ride I brought home. I can spray it when I want, smell it and think of Pirates and other great memories and experiences in Disneyland and other parks. I display it now with the rest of my Disneyland/theme park souvenirs and Disney stuff. ☺️ ❤ Wow, this is a long review. lol


So I’ve been on the E.T. ride only one time before in my life, when it was still here at our Universal Studios in California when I went with my brother and cousin years ago before they stupidly got rid of it...but I loved that ride. It was awesome and I remember that great smell when you go in the amazing queue for the ride with all the trees. And even though it’s been years and I only got to experience it once, I remembered that good smell that I loved from the forest queue. And I can say as soon as I smelled this after I sprayed a little on my hand, it really does smell like it. It definitely makes me think of that forest part before the ride. Smells just like you’re in the woods. :) Like a magical forest at night. The only thing is I think it does fade too quickly like others said...it really smells like in you’re in the woods at first though. You can smell the trees, but then it kind of fades after a few minutes. I noticed they gave me a card though with my order that says “spray me” on it and when you spray it on that spot it does seem like the woods smell lasts at least a bit longer. I kind of wish they could make room sprays of some of these scents too, not just a perfume. I tried a room spray from the Magic Candle Company that was supposed to smell like this ride’s forest smell, but it doesn’t really fully smell like it.. :/ It’s lacking a lot of the smell of the woods. But THIS smells like it to me, it’s more what I had in mind of what I remember the forest part smelling like.
Also this bottle is very nice, I like the green color with trees and love the holographic moon sticker on it that says Cosmic Woods. ☺️ I display it in my room with my other stuff, it’s a cool like novelty item to have along with the decorated vhs box it comes in. lol :p I like that they call it the Adventure fragrance. :) I can spray a little sometimes on myself or something else when I want to smell a nice mystic forest. ✨


You either love or hate this one.
I love it for the idea and for the great excecution but some will find it repulsive and will say that it smells like being and a dentist so be aware of that.
But yes, It really does smell like a Dark Ride and that's awesome!
You will get all the typical smells that you love about them and if you think it's lacking something, combine it with cosmic woods and it will be perfect.
For me both Dark Ride and Cosmic Woods have some awesome fragrance notes but lack a little something here and there so I always combine them.


Full Disclaimer:
I've never had the opportunity to ride the E.T. ride so I can't say anything about the resemblance.
The initial smell is awesome!
A soft and mystic smell of evergreen trees surrounds you.
And my first thought was: That's the perfect perfume for me!
Sadly it kinda fades away quickly and it turns into a typical mens, after shavy, perfume.
Sometimes it gets back to the woodsy flavors and even developes some new but it never returns to its former glory.
Thats a bummer for me because at first it's the best perfume ever and then it's lacking hard...
Gotta say it's great combined with dark ride because the best nuances of both perfumes stand out a lot if combined and it creates a lingering mystical and weird smell in the best possible way.

Camp Xyrena - Extrait de Parfum
lil teddy_fragrance reviews
This one was an instant love

This one was an instant love, as i imagined great for the cool fall and winter weather. It definitely stands out in my collection. Nothing like it.


She’s been my idol for as long as I can remember. I’ve followed her estate for awhile now and have been patiently waiting for them to come out with things to honor her (still waiting on that music). When I found out that her actual family put this together I had to have it because they knew her and her scent better than anyone. The best way to describe this is masculine but with a feminine clean touch. It smells like the 90s lol. This will be my second bottle that I’m purchasing, I haven’t ran out of the first (I have the whole bottle left) but I’m afraid that for whatever reason it will stop selling. So now I have one I can wear on special occasions and just one to cherish. RIP Babygirl ✨

I love this smell…

I love this smell remember being on vacation, good times

This is my favorite smell…

This is my favorite smell awesome day or night and for room or shoe

I think it's perfect for fall and winter smells

I think it's perfect for fall and winter smells

I think it's Perfect for anytime day or night

I think it's Perfect for anytime day or night

Plastic by Trixie Mattel - Extrait de Parfum
Laynee Gugliuzza

it literally smells so good! and it’s very unisex which i love :)

Plastic by Trixie Mattel - Extrait de Parfum
Raquel Gabarrón Martín

The best unisex scent I found in the market!

Plastic by Trixie Mattel - Extrait de Parfum
Shawn Nazari

Bought this for my wife and she loves it.
It's listed as unisex but is too feminine for me to wear. However I did wear it to rate the performance which is moderate.
It does smell plastic to me, but my wife thinks Neon Sunset smells more like fresh plastic than this does. This is sure to be a collector's item once it's out of circulation. I've also sampled pool boy, dark ride and cinematic. We both like pool boy the best but the drydown is really sweet for my tastes. Dark Ride is cool but I'm not sure it's really wearable. My wife and her friends didn't like cinematic (they said they detected something sour in it but I really liked it.
I like this house they've got the most interesting niche fragrances in the world.


This fragrance is interesting and the more time I spend with it, the more I like it.
There is a heavy dose of ozone with pavement gently in the background. It settles into sweet on the drydown. Totally unisex and very easy to wear. Overall I'm happy with this fragrance. Remember that offerings from this house are as much art as they are practical. That said, I'm happy I bought this as it's different from anything else I have smelled and I've become mildly addicted to this frag.

Cinemaniac - Extrait de Parfum
lil teddy_fragrance reviews
Spot on movie theater smell!

Spot on movie theater smell! Really cool to show off too friends, Performs really good for a gourmand.


A little late on this review as I purchased Cosmic Woods as soon as it came out but I’m wearing it today and had to review. Xyrena has done it again! I’m a Florida native who’s obsessed with theme parks and the smells their rides emit. E.T. Adventure’s ride queue scent has been sought after by enthusiasts for eons and finally its been bottled up so we can wear daily! For anyone with even an ounce of a doubt, they NAILED it! The second you spray, your transported to that very forest waiting to hop on your bike. Incredible! My one teeny tiny gripe is that being used to Dark Ride’s longevity (which literally can last days), Cosmic is more subdued in that respect
Don’t hesitate and grab your bottle today! A Xyrena fan for life!


This smells really good. Reminds me of a blunt wrap. Last about 6 hours. Great scent

Blue Dream® - Extrait de Parfum
lil teddy_fragrance reviews
This was recommended to me

This was recommended to me. Smooth blueberry goodness. The cannabis in this lingers and is spot on! Love it!


It is an unbearably hot day in the Florida summer. Somehow it doesn't matter, though, because you are waiting in line for the one ride that has outlasted the others, the one that fills the your heart and entire being with nostalgic feelings - an extraterrestrial adventure ride at a major theme park. The doors open, you watch the pre-ride movie, and you are allowed in the main queue and give your name (or a fake one because that is WAY more fun). The main doors open and the second you step in, all sense of the real outdoors disappears. You are surrounded by a redwood forest with all of its smells, the coolness in the air, and Botanicus hanging out on a rock. It smells nothing short of amazing. You walk past the Speak and Spell, the waterfalls, and you want nothing more than to live in this environment (or at the very least, camp out for a while). If any of this sparks a memory or two, you MUST buy Cosmic Woods. It has a sweet forest smell, a bit "fuzzy and soft," but mostly soft. It will absolutely bring you back to your ride at that park off of International Drive in Orlando. It made me happy as soon as I sprayed it once. It has since become my favorite scent. For those of you that feel like it's missing a certain something, spray Dark Ride with it. You're welcome.

No matter what the season…

No matter what the season, this perfume instantly takes you to summertime by the pool complete with the smell of suntan lotion, tropical sweetness, and chlorine from the pool. Recommended for anyone looking to enjoy the smell of a poolside vacation or waiting for the sun to come out and it to finally be summer

I put on Cinemaniac every time I head to the movies…

I put on Cinemaniac every time I head to the movies or am watching a film at home but want the movie theater feel. There are subtle notes of salt from soft pretzels and sweetness from candy and most notably the smell of buttered popcorn that brings the signature aroma a movie theater lobby to you anytime you want it

It’s hard to describe…

It’s hard to describe but this fragrance definitely evokes the feeling of a city rain storm, complete with the smell of wet streets and sidewalks, cloudy skies, and some floral sweetness coming from the spots of nature left amongst a damp urban landscape. Would recommend for someone wanting a smell to bring them to an overcast day in the big city or to be reminded of those evenings when you hurry to get indoors but wouldn’t mind staying outside to enjoy the weather