Neon Sunset™ - Extrait de Parfum

Neon Sunset™ - Extrait de Parfum

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Countless perfumers have tried to capture the perfect, unadulterated post-rainstorm-in-peaceful-suburbia fragrance. This isn’t one of them.


Named after bright aromatics and cityscapes set amidst a backdrop of apocalyptic orange clouds caused by a preceding storm and metropolitan air pollutants, Neon Sunset is the definitive urban rain fragrance. It was inspired by Xyrena perfumer Killian Wells’ bicoastal love of moody evening storms in New York City and Los Angeles. Designed to be as linear as possible, Neon Sunset is a dense, sweet, and intoxicating fragrance featuring notes of ozone, phenolic tar and asphalt, earthy borneol, leather, and musk and a floral accord of gardenia, heliotrope, acacia, ylang-ylang, and indole, topped with a refreshing cucumber and red apple fruit accord, all polished with a finishing touch of aromatic Hedione. Neon Sunset is an addictive fragrance fit for bold personalities.


Xyrena produces both avant-garde and highly wearable modern fragrances, along with those that fall somewhere in between. Fragrance preference is entirely subjective; however, we provide our assessment of wearability below.

Everyday: This fragrance is an easy-to-wear, pleasant scent suitable for daily use.


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Customer Reviews

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Tyler L.
It grows on you

I initially had no idea how I felt about it. The first couple sprays are overwhelming and I at first thought it was too much. After 20 minutes or so the notes mellow out and you start to really appreciate the scent layers. Some people dislike the smell, however I've received numerous compliments on it. It's really an acquired taste, but it's been one of my go to's for the last few months. Xyrena makes some of the most unique perfumes out there. This is one I'd highly recommend if you're already familiar with their catalog.

Shawn Nazari

This fragrance is interesting and the more time I spend with it, the more I like it.
There is a heavy dose of ozone with pavement gently in the background. It settles into sweet on the drydown. Totally unisex and very easy to wear. Overall I'm happy with this fragrance. Remember that offerings from this house are as much art as they are practical. That said, I'm happy I bought this as it's different from anything else I have smelled and I've become mildly addicted to this frag.

It’s hard to describe…

It’s hard to describe but this fragrance definitely evokes the feeling of a city rain storm, complete with the smell of wet streets and sidewalks, cloudy skies, and some floral sweetness coming from the spots of nature left amongst a damp urban landscape. Would recommend for someone wanting a smell to bring them to an overcast day in the big city or to be reminded of those evenings when you hurry to get indoors but wouldn’t mind staying outside to enjoy the weather