Cosmic Woods® - Extrait de Parfum

Cosmic Woods® - Extrait de Parfum

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Given the continued success of Dark Ride (dubbed one of the most groundbreaking contemporary fragrances by The Telegraph), many Xyrena fans have asked for our next thrill ride in a bottle™, with a very specific attraction in mind.


Cosmic Woods is our faithful reproduction of E.T. Adventure at Universal Studios. It features base notes of patchouli, softwoods, moss, and sheer musk; heart notes of pine, clove, raspberry, rose, and fir needle; and top notes of cool camphor, hemlock, and dense green leaves. Plus, it offers a blend of superstar perfumery ingredients Iso E Super and Hedione to make the fragrance shine and boost diffusion to envelop you in a virtual enchanted forest.


Try layering Cosmic Woods with Xyrena’s Dark Ride for an out-of-this-world scent experience!


Xyrena is the established leader in pop culture fragrances. Often imitated, never duplicated.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Raymond
Fall Go To

I have a few Xyrenea's in my fairly vast quiver. Xyrena 66, Dark Ride, Sneaker Head, and Shutter. While the aforementioned have their place in unique Nostalgia scents, Cosmic Woods is my Fall season go to. So much so, I alway keep a back up when I start to get low. The initial scent comes on as a sophisticated semi sweet fig and slowly dries into a sort of ISO E woody fragrance that has some pretty decent longevity. I use this one by itself and sometimes as a base layer for my other fall favorites. If you're into a semi sweet top note that fades in a really nice green base, you will not be disappointed in this one.

Brian Pee
It's good.

And it lasts all day, practically.

Grace Jones

So I’ve been on the E.T. ride only one time before in my life, when it was still here at our Universal Studios in California when I went with my brother and cousin years ago before they stupidly got rid of it...but I loved that ride. It was awesome and I remember that great smell when you go in the amazing queue for the ride with all the trees. And even though it’s been years and I only got to experience it once, I remembered that good smell that I loved from the forest queue. And I can say as soon as I smelled this after I sprayed a little on my hand, it really does smell like it. It definitely makes me think of that forest part before the ride. Smells just like you’re in the woods. :) Like a magical forest at night. The only thing is I think it does fade too quickly like others said...it really smells like in you’re in the woods at first though. You can smell the trees, but then it kind of fades after a few minutes. I noticed they gave me a card though with my order that says “spray me” on it and when you spray it on that spot it does seem like the woods smell lasts at least a bit longer. I kind of wish they could make room sprays of some of these scents too, not just a perfume. I tried a room spray from the Magic Candle Company that was supposed to smell like this ride’s forest smell, but it doesn’t really fully smell like it.. :/ It’s lacking a lot of the smell of the woods. But THIS smells like it to me, it’s more what I had in mind of what I remember the forest part smelling like.
Also this bottle is very nice, I like the green color with trees and love the holographic moon sticker on it that says Cosmic Woods. ☺️ I display it in my room with my other stuff, it’s a cool like novelty item to have along with the decorated vhs box it comes in. lol :p I like that they call it the Adventure fragrance. :) I can spray a little sometimes on myself or something else when I want to smell a nice mystic forest. ✨

Fū Seven

Full Disclaimer:
I've never had the opportunity to ride the E.T. ride so I can't say anything about the resemblance.
The initial smell is awesome!
A soft and mystic smell of evergreen trees surrounds you.
And my first thought was: That's the perfect perfume for me!
Sadly it kinda fades away quickly and it turns into a typical mens, after shavy, perfume.
Sometimes it gets back to the woodsy flavors and even developes some new but it never returns to its former glory.
Thats a bummer for me because at first it's the best perfume ever and then it's lacking hard...
Gotta say it's great combined with dark ride because the best nuances of both perfumes stand out a lot if combined and it creates a lingering mystical and weird smell in the best possible way.


A little late on this review as I purchased Cosmic Woods as soon as it came out but I’m wearing it today and had to review. Xyrena has done it again! I’m a Florida native who’s obsessed with theme parks and the smells their rides emit. E.T. Adventure’s ride queue scent has been sought after by enthusiasts for eons and finally its been bottled up so we can wear daily! For anyone with even an ounce of a doubt, they NAILED it! The second you spray, your transported to that very forest waiting to hop on your bike. Incredible! My one teeny tiny gripe is that being used to Dark Ride’s longevity (which literally can last days), Cosmic is more subdued in that respect
Don’t hesitate and grab your bottle today! A Xyrena fan for life!