Dark Ride™ - 14 oz Candle

Dark Ride™ - 14 oz Candle

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A realistic interpretation of water ride staples like Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic Park and Splash Mountain. For years, perfume and theme park enthusiasts alike have searched for fragrances that accidentally smell similar to water rides. For the first time ever, the intoxicating, moody scent has been intentionally captured. Xyrena’s Dark Ride features the familiar note of chlorinated (or bromine-treated) water, a thrilling accord of theatrical fog and pyrotechnics, and a hint of atmospheric mildew and damp ozone to create the first thrill ride in a candle.
  • 2016 Art & Olfaction Awards Finalist
  • Scent featured in exhibitions at Somerset House London and Color Factory (Houston & Chicago locations)
  • Hand poured in Austin, TX
  • 14 oz premium soy blend candle
  • Sleek black tin with retro VHS-style label
  • Average “running time” of 40+ hours
  • Dual crackling wooden wicks
  • Gold mirrored interior reflects and enhances the warm glow of the candle
  • 3-in-1 lid keeps your candle clean when not in use, can be flipped upside down as a decorative gold trimmed base/stand, and works as a snuffer
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had a really strong smell at first. it does resembled the Pirates ride a bit and leaves a nostalgic feel! i light it for a few minutes and leave the lid closed. it’s enough that it won’t irritate anyone’s noses. i don’t recommend stuffing ur nose with the wax as you would with other candles because it is VERY strong